Cane Corso Italiano

Physical Characteristics

The Cane Corso Italiano has been called ‘The Ferrari of the canine world’ with very good reason. With its massive head and large-boned, powerfully muscular body, this breed is all about high performance. It has the superior speed, grace and style to make the comparison to the legendary car completely justified. Though in the medium to large size category, it seems to stand a lot taller than its usual 24 to 27 inches and this has to do with the sheer majesty of its bearing. Superior bite strength is provided by a muzzle that is equally as long as it is wide, and its coat is thick and coarse. Everything about this dog says strength, power and fearlessness, which seems completely at odds with its amazingly tender temperament.


The Cane Corso Italiano lives to please and protect. It loves staying close to its human family, which makes it very unlikely that it will ever stray from home. This magnificent breed will literally guard those that it loves with its very life and yet be as gentle with the children as the proverbial teddy bear. Its even temperament allows for the unintentional rough treatment that can be inflicted by young children and it will respond with what seems a gentle rebuke, if at all. This is not a breed that enjoys a fight, but it is a breed that will not shy away from a challenge for dominance by other dogs.

Despite its docile nature, dominating the Cane Corso Italiano is not easily accomplished and it requires a person with great confidence to stamp their authority as master. Anyone not of this personality type should never consider owning this dog, as it can become aggressive if allowed to get a sniff at being the alpha male. The good news is that this dog is a highly intelligent canine, which makes it highly trainable and the sooner this commences the more successful it will be. Consistency and confidence are primary when teaching this breed obedience, but the end result will be a loyal and faithful companion and fierce protector for its full life term, which is generally 10 to 12 years.

The Cane Corso’s natural instinct to protect the family to which it is devoted makes it suspicious of any strangers, although it will be more tolerant if its owner is present. It is, therefore, important that these dogs are socialised at an early age and receive full obedience training. Socialising should be an ongoing matter, as it is only by being taken into a variety of environments and regularly being exposed to other people that the dog will learn to differentiate between friend and foe. Perhaps "friend" is the wrong word choice regarding the dog's discernment.


The Cane Corso Italiano needs to receive training from someone experienced in the particular mindset of the breed. Although this canine will learn to tolerate other humans, it is strictly a one-family dog and will focus its protective guarding instinct in their direction only. They are also not demonstrative with their affections and prefer to simply remain close to their family, although this does not include lying around doing nothing. Keep them well exercised and treat them with loving firmness and this dog has no equal in reciprocated devotion.


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